About Me

Names: Vendetta / Venny / Shannon
Age: 18 (August 25th)
Pronouns: She/They (Non-Binary Demigirl)

I'm a weird autistic kid living in Oregon who likes to draw things. I also enjoy collecting CDs, taking very long walks, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Interests: Frank Zappa, energy drinks, Krautrock, Wild Man Fischer, bad video game reviewers, public transport, Adult Swim

Tools of the Trade: Drawpile mostly, FireAlpaca, Ibis Paint (on both phone and iPad), Procreate, Wacom Intuos S, iPad (6th generation), Monoprice MP1060 (RIP)

Other fun facts: I'm vegetarian, I have a huge birthmark on my right arm, I've been inside Roblox's headquarters, I have ADHD, I'm an "ISTP" or something, I play a lot of Solitaire